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Voeg mij toe als contact op YouTube. https://youtu.be/addme/IwOObp_WCRcmKrrFU-HCBxW7SbHifw

Updated Version! How to deal with Social Anxiety?!

For a very long time, i thought SA was a curse. But after 5 often difficult years, i now know its a blessing in disguise. 

My story went like this : In 2012 i got bullied in my final year of graduating highschool. Combine that with hanging out with the wrong people, drugs and u create Social Anxiety. No confidence, no selfrespect, no selflove, …                       Because of this i got SA which forced me to reflect and work on myself. After 4.5 years of doing not much to improve myself, even though i knew what would help me, i had enough of this shitty life. I wanted to become my greatest version i could possibly be!

How to improve your Social Anxiety? 

What worked for me is to go to bed early and get up early.   

Have about 7/8 hours of sleep. I personally go to sleep 10/11 o clock and get up at 6 everyday. This small detail is really underrated imo. Test and see it for yourself. 

The second thing that worked for me is healthy food.

I went from eating chocolatebars and drinking soda everyday to drinking only water and eating lots of fruits like apples, blueberries, grapes (hmmm). Nowadays i don’t even eat meat. The goal is to become fully vegan and the healthiest i can possibly be. I still eat tuna but that’s the only meat(animal) i eat. Find fruits or vegatables with lots of magnesium in it. It lowers your anxiety significantly. 

The third thing that worked for me was exercise a lot!

My lifestyle is al about becoming the best version of myself & becoming a pro footballer so i exercise everyday!

Why is exercising so good?  

It releases dopamine into your brain which gives u a feeling of welbeing and happiness. It reduces the anxiety and stress. Plus, you look better after doing it! The smell, not so much 😉 

Your confidence will also grow if u exercise because u start to love your body. U look good translates into feeling good! During exercising u increase your heartrate which makes u use your adrenaline resources. The less adrenaline into your blood, the less anxiety u feel. When u are anxious or afraid, your body activates the so called fight or flight response. That response helps u defend against danger. This usually shows into signs of shivering, the feeling of your heart beating out of your chest, extreme tension, your legs feel weak. This is al due to the adrenaline into your body. So when u work out, u will consume the adrenaline that’s in your body. 

The fourth thing that worked for me was Nofap aka PMO!

Nofap aka PMO !  

This was and still is the most important thing i do to date to improve myself significantly in terms of boosting my confidence, my motivation(especially!!), less socially anxious and my awareness. U will appreciate the little things like a breeze or a bird flying around, the lovely sun that shines on u. 

So what is PMO?                     PMO stands for no porn, no masturbation & no orgasm. I learned that porn is bad for me because when u watch porn it invites demons, bad emotions. It is proven that when u watch porn u use a huge amount of dopamine which is responsible for your level of motivation. At the same time, when your dopamine amount drops, your anxiety increases because your cortisol amount increases. The biggest advantages of NoFap for me are that all your relationships with everyone u know improve and for some reason u get more attractive to the opposite sex. And u live much more in the moment which in my opinion is the greatest feeling in the world!

The fifth thing that worked for me was meditation & mindfulness.


Meditation helped me to feel calm and be aware of my surroundings. It helped me to be more in the moment. When u combine it with mindfulness, which is to focus on a specific thing like u focus on what u see. Focus on what u hear. Focus on what u smell. Focus on what u feel, internal or external. Be aware of your senses. Like for example, focus on your breathing. Inhale deep, hold and exhale. When your focus is on your breathing, your mind will be free of any thoughts. This is the true definition of being in the moment, being in the now!