The Beginning

Dit is de samenvatting van het bericht.


Hello ,

This is my first time ever writing a blog. I’m thankfull for this opportunity to create and help people simply by writing some text.

My 3 goals are:

1. To be the greatest version of myself that i can possibly be.

2. To be a professional soccer player.

3. To change and inspire the world (1day everyone will do what they love and be truelly happy!!)

The purpose of me writing a blog is to :

1. Help people to become their greatest versions.

2. To help people with Social Anxiety and share my story with SA and what worked and still works for me.

3. How a certain lifestyle improves your lifequality.

4. Help people to become the best football player they can possibly be.

5. Become the most confident version of myself on speaking to & attracting women.

Peaceee ✌

Auteur: Wouter D'haese

Hello , My name is Wouter D'haese. I want to inspire & change the world into becoming your greatest version by becoming my greatest version. The goal is that someday everyone will be happy and loves one another.

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